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Free deliveries in Ilfracombe, £3 for surrounding areas 
Open Wed-Sun from 5pm-8pm until Sat 4th July when the restaurant re-opens 
Please note our partner business 'Slice of Devon' is now open for deliveries 7 days a week from 5pm - 8pm  
- see Facebook page for details and to order online  
Classic French onion soup, gruyere crouton (g,d,#gf) £5 
Red lentil, tomato & red pepper soup, roasted garlic crouton (vg #gf) £4.50 
Pea, edamame & mint fritters, sriracha mayo £5.50 (vg,e,m) 
12” Garlic pizza bread £6.50 (add mozzarella cheese +£1) (v,g,d) 
Spicy sweetcorn fritters, sriracha mayo (vg,e,m) £5.50 
Crispy calamari, kimchi mayo, baby gem, chilli & spring onion (g,mo,m,e) £6.50 
Lundy lobster & crayfish cocktail, baby gem, guacamole, bloody Mary sauce £8 (cr,d,e,m) 
Ham hock terrine, cornichon, pickled red onion, beetroot relish (su) whole grain mustard (m), sourdough (g) £5.50 
Crab loaded fries, skinny fries, topped with Lundy brown & white crab, spring onions (cr,e,m) £6  
Crazy good chicken wings, spicy hot with blue cheese dip: (d) regular £5.50 large £10 
Loaded nachos, tortilla chips, melted cheese, guacamole, salsa & jalapeños topped with your choice of: 
Lundy crab; brown crab mayo & white crab (cr,e,m) £8.50 or chipotle pulled pork £7.50 or red pepper & aubergine chilli (vg) £6.50 
Dressed Lundy crab, skinny fries, mixed salad, crusty bread, garlic mayo (GF) (cr,g,e,m,#gf) £14.50 
Relish burger – West Country beef, emmental cheese, baby gem, tomato, red onion, sweet pickle,  
signature sauce, brioche bun, skinny fries (g,d,e,m,so) £9.50  
Lobster burger – panko fried Lundy lobster tail, lobster mayo, red onion, sweet pickle, tomato,  
gem lettuce, brioche bun with skinny fries £12.50 (cr,g,d,e,m,so) 
Deli fish platter - Exmoor gin & beetroot cured salmon, crab dip, crispy calamari, smoked mackerel pate,  
beetrot relish, garlic aioli, sourdough bread (cr,g,d,e,f,mo,m,su,f) £14 
Half Lundy Lobster (served chilled), garlic mayo, skinny fries, sourdough bread, mixed salad £15 (cr,d,e,g,m,#GF) 
Fish & chips – panko crumbed local hake fillet, homemade tartare sauce, skinny fries, mixed salad £12 (g,d,e,f,m,s,) 
Roast mushroom, cranberry, brie & hazelnut Wellington, dauphinoise potato, crispy kale, roasted carrot, glazed shallot (g,d,n,c,v)£12 
Slow cooked sherry braised pork cheeks, truffle mash, onion rings, roasted carrot, tender stem broccoli (su,d,g) £15 
Devonshire rack of lamb, potato gratin, crispy kale, roasted carrots, port glazed shallot, lamb sauce (d,e,su) £15 
Trio of soft shell tacos served with skinny fries & mixed salad £15  
1) hoisin duck, spring onion & chilli, 2) pulled pork, guacamole & jalapenos, 3) ginger & soy marinated crispy chicken & aioli (g,so,s,e,m) 
Trio of soft shell plant based tacos served with skinny fries & mixed salad £15 (vg) 
1) red pepper & aubergine chilli, jalapenos, 2) jack fruit bites, guacamole, spring onion 3) spicy sweetcorn fritter, sriracha mayo (g,e,m) 
Skinny fries £2.50 (vg), Skinny fries with truffle mayo (v,e,m), £3.50 Mixed Salad (vg,m) £3 
Relish 12" Thin & Crispy Pizzas 
10” gluten free bases (+£1) & vegan cheese also available 
Margherita – Relish’s signature tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese £8.50 (g,d,v,#gf) 
Pepperoni – tomato & mozzarella generously topped with pepperoni £9 (g,d,#gf) 
Ham & Shroom - tomato & mozzarella, honey roast ham, field mushrooms £9.50 (g,d,#gf) 
Veggie - roasted red & green pepper, red onion, olives, sun blush tomato, mushrooms, chilli pesto, rocket, garlic oil £10 (g,d,n,v,#gf) 
Chicken & Bacon Ranch - fried chicken, smoky bacon, jalapeno, red onion, peri peri sauce & ranch dressing £11 (g,d,m,c) 
Meatball – Italian meatballs, smoky bacon, bbq sauce, sun blush tomatoes, onion, parmesan £11 (g,d,) 
The New Zealander - chicken breast, Somerset brie, pine nuts, cranberry, basil oil £10.50 (g,d,n,#gf) 
Hoisin Duck - marinated duck, spring onion, roasted red peppers, sesame seeds, garlic oil £11 (g,d,s) 
The Shroom - marinated mushrooms, goats cheese, pumpkin seeds, balsamic drizzle £11 (g,d,su,v,#gf) 
Italian - pancetta, gorgonzola, sun blush tomato, rocket, basil oil £11 (g,d,#gf) 
Super Picante Feast - spicy Italian sausage (nduja), salami, pepperoni, jalapeño, chilli oil £11 (g,d,#gf) 
Buffalo - chicken breast, hot sauce, red onion, oozy blue cheese, garlic oil £11 (g,d,#gf) 
Porker - chipotle pulled pork, red & green peppers, red onion, tomato, chilli oil £10 (g,d,#gf) 
Mini salted caramel doughnuts 3 for £3.50 (g,d,e,v) 
Madagascan vanilla & cherry cheesecake £5 (g,d,v) 
Classic citron tart, marinated summer berries £5 (g,d,e,n,p,so.v) 
Raspberry & rhubarb frangipane, Devon clotted cream £5 (g,d,e,n,p,so,v) 
Chocolate toffee pie, chocolate pastry layered with caramel, toffee mousse & honeycomb £5 (g,d,e,n,p,so,v) 
Cheese board selection - brie, blue, cheddar, crackers, apple cider chutney, grapes £6 (g,d,e,n,p,v,#gf) 
Jude’s ice cream tubs – vanilla, strawberries & cream, ginger spice, salted caramel, black coconut or gin & tonic £1.50 each (gf) 
House wine: red, white, rose £9.50 / Prosecco £14.50 / Peroni £2 / Sharp’s Doom Bar or Atlantic IPA £2.50  
Thatcher’s cider £2.50 / Coke range £1.50 
Dietary Information 
cr=crustacean, g=gluten, d=dairy, e=egg, f=fish, c=celery, l=lupin, n=nuts, m=mustard,  
s=sesame, mo=molluscs, p=peanuts, so=soya, su=sulphur dioxide 
v = vegetarian 
vg = vegan 
#gf = can be made gluten free, please request when ordering 
Please note our salad dressing contains mustard and cereals so if you have an allergy or intolerance  
please let us know as many dishes are served with a salad garnish and the dressing can be altered accordingly. 
To order 
Our contactless deliveries are available Weds-Sun 5pm-8pm 
To place your order & reserve your time please call 01271 863 837 outside of service hours as we may be unable to answer during this time. 
Simply pay by card over the phone 
At Relish Bar & Bistro in Ilfracombe, North Devon, our delicious menu includes locally sourced seafood, homemade gourmet pizzas, bistro meals and sharing platters. 
We also have a selection of fine wines chosen to complement your meal
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Homemade pizza Restaurant.
Seafood Bistro Ilfracombe.
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Seafood Restaurant Ilfracombe.
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